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Content from each weekly tutorial is posted on this page, including slides, problems and solutions, Maple code, along with a summary of the material covered. Supplementary problems indicate those not done in tutorial, but which are nevertheless recommended and solved.

|| Multiple Integration (1, 2) || 3D Surface and Flux Integrals (3, 4) || Line Integrals (5) ||
|| Vector Fields (4, 6) || Vector Calculus Theorems (7-9) || Fourier Series and BVPs (10-12) || Review ||

Final Exam Review Tutorial [top]

Tutorial #12 (Boundary Value Problems) [top]

Tutorial #11 (Fourier Series, Part 2) [top]

Tutorial #10 (Fourier Series, Part 1) [top]

Tutorial #9 (Fundamental Theorems of Calculus, Part 3) [top]

Tutorial #8 (Fundamental Theorems of Calculus, Part 2) [top]

Tutorial #7 (Fundamental Theorems of Calculus, Part 1) [top]

Tutorial #6 (More Vector Fields) [top]

Tutorial #5 (Line Integrals) [top]

Tutorial #4 (Flux Integrals and Vector Fields) [top]

Tutorial #3 (3D Surface Integrals) [top]

Tutorial #2 (More Multiple Integration) [top]

Tutorial #1 (Multiple Integration) [top]

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