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This page contains past final exams, midterm tests, and assignments, with solutions where available. Students are advised to practice these types of problems in addition to the ones they are assigned, as it is problems of this level of difficulty that are likely to appear on tests. Note that some documents are from MATH 265 (the older version of MATH 264), and as such some problems or parts of problems may not test material in the MATH 264 syllabus.
Tip: If desired, finals as well as midterms can be downloaded as one convenient ZIP file instead of individually.

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Created by Sacha Nandlall

Teaching Assistant for MATH 264 (Advanced Calculus), Fall 2006


Last updated: November 29, 2006

Disclaimer: Great effort has been made to ensure the material presented here is factually correct; however, users of this material are fully responsible for verifying all material (theorems, formulas, solutions, etc.) presented on their own. For errors or questions, please send an email to the address indicated above.

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